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Welcome to the International Tarot Day Blog Hop!
I trust you enjoyed Clare Lucy's article on the Ace of Cups.
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2 of Cups

When I signed up for the blog hop, I eagerly awaited my assigned card.  As a true Scorpio, I hoped for Death, The Hanged Man or maybe the Queen of Swords - you know, the intense, heavy cards.  But, lo and behold fate delivered the complete opposite - the 2 of Cups ha! I love it when the Universe has a sense of humuor!

The 2 of Cups, card of love, romance and unconditional love; what was a dark and intense hag supposed to do with this?  Well, go back to basics and connect again to the energy of the card.

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot /  USGamesSystems   

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot /





Here we see the traditional 2 of Cups from the Rider Waite Smith deck.

As I looked closer a deeper essence of the card began to shine through - that of Divine Union and the Rise of the Feminine.

There She was, the sacred Feminine standing before me, wearing the blue and white robes of the Virgin Mary, yet poking out from under her robe were the red shoes of Mary Magdelene! The Dark and the Bright Goddess united as one.

OK, there is some heat here, Sex!

She holds her chalice ready to receive and the Masculine is literally reaching out to Her; a sign to me of His wish, His willingness and more importantly His need, to become one with the Feminine once more; And not only the patriarchal view of the Feminine but every God damn part of Her. 

When this divine union takes place, whether within us as individuals, with partners or through society at large, a great healing will occur.  The force of polarities will once again be in balance bringing harmony and yes, unconditional love.  We see the caduceus, mixed with the red lion hovering above their heads - a clear sign that this union creates a direct link to the Divine.

So, yes, let us not forget the love and romance of this card but also remember the deeper energetic imprint, or pattern, that of divine union, the Feminine and Masculine, the driving forces behind our creative universe.  This is so powerfully portrayed in the Mary El version of the card.

      The Mary El Tarot by Marie White

      The Mary El Tarot by Marie White

And as Marie White so eloquently expressed in her Mary El guidebook ;

"Just like everything else, the patterns repeat in all the worlds, in eternity, in the physical world, in our life, inside our bodies.  This is the force of Love which attracts and binds togther, unites, coagulates and cooperates".

Before I go, here are a few other 2 of Cups that express this energy so well.  Firstly, from The Fifth Tarot - Seahorses, one of the few creatures where the male gives birth, after incubating the eggs deposited by the female! Talk about a new perspective! Secondly, from The Classic Tarot - Sacred Union highlights the divine within through Love.  And lastly from The Alchemical Tarot - The Rise of the Feminine expressed through the Rose.

Fifth Tarot by Martien & Teressena Bakens / Classic Tarot by Stuart R Kaplan / Alchemical Tarot by Robert M Place

Fifth Tarot by Martien & Teressena Bakens / Classic Tarot by Stuart R Kaplan / Alchemical Tarot by Robert M Place

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With Love

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