"When I gave birth it opened up a whole new world that I wanted to discover. 
There is so much out there (in there?!) and I was questioning where to go first, and how much time/money could I commit to all these potentially different options.

With Mel, I found she really guided me through this; her knowledge is deep and varied and could point me in the right directions. Listening to me she could hear the subtleties and make suggestions, which just felt totally right! From meditations with roses, reading about goddesses, dropping down into myself with the right intention, to lying in the rain in the woods, I got to know myself a little bit more!  

I never thought an hour long skype call would make me feel so nourished! Having someone ask completely the right questions, being able to speak my truth and to be fully heard was wonderful. I hope that you get to experience this all too."

Kate Davy (UK)

"I feel incredibly grateful to the Universe for the fact that my path crossed with Melanie.

She held me accountable to my commitment to self.  When I experienced doubt or resistance, Melanie would always encourage me to trust in myself, whatever I was experiencing, and to always focus on the WHY's behind the action steps and achieving my goals.  The focus was always on taking small, smart, powerful steps to enable sustainable, long term change.

Working with Melanie allowed me to see that I already possess all the wisdom and answers in terms of living my most authentic life.  In her role as coach she asked the right questions and provided the tools and resources to allow me to access my own wisdom and strength.

Melanie was realistic and empathic and was flexible when “life got in the way”,   but we always overcame these challenges and I took away so much wisdom and inspiration from each session. 

To prepare for our final session Melanie empowered me by “giving me permission” to celebrate all I had achieved in terms of my two goals.  I feel so excited and empowered about all the progress I have made to live a life more aligned with my values.  I thank Melanie for grounding me here and I am motivated to keep setting action steps in line with my values.  

I can certainly recommend Melanie’s encouraging and empowering style of coaching to anyone, particularly if you are someone struggling to see your own worth and doubting your ability and capacity to live a life aligned with your values, purpose and dreams.......your life will be transformed from the inside-out;  gradually, gently, powerfully and for the long-term."                                               

Caroline Munchenberg (Australia)

"I love the way you work Mel.
You have those rare abilities of being both a seer and a deep listener, guiding us to open the windows to our own true expression...what a gift you are!"

Sue Minns - Author & Mystic (UK)

"Having a coach to help awaken, explore & embrace my Divine Feminine is something that I shall cherish and I believe every woman should experience at least once during her lifetime.

My sessions with Melanie have been an amazing, yet challenging opportunity to work with my divine feminine.  It happened by chance but, now I can say, with perfect divine timing.

With her wisdom, support, love and all her precious guidance, I overcame my fear and my resistance to self-love and creating a deep connection with my feminine soul.

A side effect to this work has been the significant reduction of pain during my menstrual cycle and I feel more “woman” and aware of my femininity. This is another confirmation of the deep link between a woman’s well-being and her relationship with the feminine.

I will never stop being grateful to Melanie for all her wonderful work!"

Veronica Pacella - Holistic Nutritionist, Life & Health Coach (Italy)

“From our very first session Melanie was completely present, weaving her magic as we journeyed together, and cheering me on as I connected with, and reclaimed the Divine Feminine within me.

I felt supported, heard, and understood at such a deep level, every step of the way. At the beginning, I was hoping that some change would occur after my sessions with Melanie, but what happened instead was a complete transformation… I haven’t changed, I’ve become whole.

A coaching session with Melanie is a gift that every woman should give to herself.”

Carley Alabaster (Australia)