Sarah Remy-Mitchelson

I was lucky enough to have Sarah take my portrait and provide my evocative banner visuals.  I have a 'photo-phobia' and she gently encouraged me to allow myself to be seen through film.

Sarah is a fine art photographer based in the UK.  She works with analogue stills cameras to create narratives around memory, and familial relationships within an autobiographical context.  Sarah experiments with the idea of self and what that means conceptually.

As well as her personal practice, Sarah also works commercially as a freelance photographer.  You can find her at  Remy-Mitchelson Photography

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker and the Beautiful You team hold a special place in my heart.  Choosing to train with them was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The course is indepth, heartfelt, inspiring and fun! You receive genuine personal attention and are encouraged and held accountable every step of the way.  You leave not only with a certificate in coaching but the resources to start your own on-line business.....and the best part?  A supportive and loving tribe of sisters who will continue to be there for you as you continue your journey.  I am proud to be an affiliate for their life-changing course.  

The Wild Unknown Tarot

The MOST exquisite and sublime tarot deck of all time! My absolute favourite and 'go to' deck everyday.