Welcome Woman, I'm so glad you're here!

My name is melanie and I'm an intuitive coach & tarot reader.

My current adventures include being Mother to my Spirited Son, Lover to my childhood sweetheart, Seeker of the Sacred and Devotee of Mary.


This crazy, wonderful world is at times both magickal and overwhelmingly mundane. When we shelter for too long in the mundane, whether by chance or design, we begin to unearth our wounds, our shadow.  We begin to unravel and separate through all that life throws at us.

Life is all about polarity; expansion/contraction, being/doing, creation/destruction - in essence, Masculine & Feminine.  And while the material world continues to navigate these two powerful forces, we as women carry the shadow of the feminine wound.  Through integrating this shadow we can heal and shine a light on our innate feminine power and allow this is to permeate all aspects of of our lives.


The empowered feminine is creative, receptive, nurturing, protective and transformational.


This is what I believe every woman IS and will remember to BE.  I want you to be all Woman - authentic, trusting, surrendered, creative, pioneering, discerning, loving.  To rejoice in the dark times as well as the light.  To appreciate the cycles of life and feel supported by them.  To be grounded in your sovereign power and aligned with your purpose.


I want you to be potent. i want your essence to vibrate in this world and the next ...


My journey began when I was given my first deck of tarot cards at 14 by my wise and discerning Grandmother, and promptly said hello to a lifetime exploring within.  While book-selling has been my trade, I have trained in many - too many - healing modalities and spiritual practices; joined covens, circles, mystery schools; communed, worshipped, dedicated, devoted; sought, lost and found.

Yet, it was not until I found HER that I truly began to understand who I am.  While researching and exploring the sacred feminine, I experienced an unexpected spiritual crisis during a Buddhist retreat in Thailand.  This awakening triggered an initiation into the Dark Feminine which I attempted to bypass by becoming a Mother.  After a traumatic birth I was plunged into darkness; I developed post natal depression.  She had come to teach me the ways of the dark feminine and just like Persephone before me, I journeyed regularly into the Underworld.


I needed to find the gifts within the dark, bring them to the light and use them consciously.


Through spiritual and magickal practice I began to embrace and integrate these many gifts and began my journey to wholeness.

Today as I continue my journey I remain open and available to the Mystery.  I feel connected, peaceful, surprised, desiring, sad, orgasmic, envious, disappointed, loving and grounded. This is the adventure, the dance.  


My wish and hope is that something here, within my on-line temple, sets you alight and encourages you to join in and dance along with me.

Love & Blessings
x M x

Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.
— Hafiz

I love ....

  • wearing black
  • the smell of books, the scent of sweet-peas and sandalwood
  • tea & toast, pinot noir and cheese - the smellier the better
  • watching my son run free in the woods, nuzzling my cats and my man
  • hiking the wilds, gazing at the night sky, travel - because I'm still searching for home 
  • my Scorpio Sun & Aries Moon
  • period dramas, horror & romance
  • painting my toe-nails bright red - aka hooker toes