Come closer, let us have a conversation....tell me your secrets, your desires, your fears.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, lean in, whisper in my ear....


No matter how much I love to talk, what I'm really passionate about is listening, deeply.  I invite you to listen with me, to open yourself up to all that you are. 

Let Her be Seen, be Heard.  Let us commune with your Truth.

I work with women who are dedicated to Remembering who they are and who they are not.  They yearn for relationship with Her, to integrate Her fully and powerfully communicate Her essence in their everyday lives.

As your coach and guide I will stand by your side, gently holding you as you explore your inner terrain, awakening your feminine soul.  As you delve into the shadows, liberating all that you were afraid to acknowledge and embrace, bringing the gifts of the dark feminine into the light.  We will clear and release, bringing you into embodied presence so you are ready to receive.

 TRUST your Body     LIBERATE your Feminine Essence

 EMBRACE your Intuition     HONOUR your Sovereign Power  

OPEN to Receive    SURRENDER to all that you Are  

When you Remember who you are, you can move forward with presence and grace, creating a fulfilling and inspiring life.


"I love the way you work Mel.
You have those rare abilities of being both a seer and a deep listener, guiding us to open the windows to our own true expression. what a gift you are!"  

Sue Minns - Author & Mystic (UK)


A session with me is as unique as the Woman you are.  It may include an intuitive reading for clarity, energy healing & chakra work for balance and transformative coaching for inspired action. I favour a straight-talking, no bullshit approach that is delivered with Love but one where Truth is never compromised. 

Are you ready?  Ask yourself this question ...

Is it possible to live on this planet with a generosity, abundance, fearlessness and beauty that mirror Divine Beauty itself?
— Cynthia Bourgeault

Let's find out together. 


Single Soul Conversation

  • 1 x 60 minute session via Skype

  • intuitive card reading

  • transformative coaching

  • 1 x follow up email



Intuitive Card Reading via email

  • delivered direct to your inbox

  • detailed spread exploring the energy surrounding your situation, focusing on your inner journey.



The Soul Dialogue

  • 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions via Skype

  • 2 x intuitive card readings

  • email support throughout the series

How to Start Your Journey .....

Conversations & Dialogues

If you are ready to listen to your Feminine Soul and would like me to guide you, please get in touch stating your interest.  I will send you a pre-coaching questionnaire to complete. If we are a good match to journey together, I shall contact you to arrange our sessions.  You can connect with me here.

Intuitive Card Readings via email

To gain clarity on your current situation through an Intuitive Card Reading, please send me an email with your issue/question.  I will then provide payment information.  Once your payment has been received, I will send your card reading direct to your inbox within 3 working days. You can connect with me here.

You talk and let's both listen, deeply.